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Black History Month Bundles

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Special Bundles!

Catholic Allies, much like Future Leaders Book Club, seeks to start the conversation at home to help make our world a safer place for the LGBTQIA+ community, and in particular the children of this community.  In the spirit of their mission, we have created a bundle of books that will highlight and honor the LGBTQIA+ community.

News from Future Leaders Book Club

As Future Leaders Book Club continues to grow
and change with the demands of our customers, we have decided we will be
changing the format of our online store. Starting in January 2023, we will be
putting our main focus into our subscription boxes and we will no longer have open
inventory of titles available for purchase. We will however have special sales
2-3 times a year when we will offer individual titles at discounted pricing.  

We are excited for this change that will allow
us to focus our energy and resources into creating amazing subscription boxes
each month and allow us to offer titles at discounted rates at our pop-up sales in
hopes of increasing the affordability of these great titles.

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