Becoming Kid Quixote

Becoming Kid Quixote

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Title: Becoming Kid Quixote*

Contributors: Sarah Sierra & Stephen Haff

Format: Hardcover

Age Range: Ages 8 to 12, Grades 3 to 7

A middle grade memoir told by an extraordinary Mexican American girl, only nine years old, who finds her voice at an after-school program where kids from immigrant families–of all ages–translate, write, sing, and perform their own original interpretations of Cervantes’s Don Quixote, weaving in themes that speak to the current situation for immigrants in America.

A young readers’ companion to the adult novel Kid Quixote written by Stephen Haff.

I Belong is a memoir narrated by a nine-year-old Mexican American girl who lives in Brooklyn. At her after-school program, Still Waters in a Storm, children discuss and translate the original Spanish text of Don Quixote into English with the program’s founder, Stephen Haff. Using their translations, Sarah and the others write, create, and act out scenes that echo their own life stories and experiences, often focusing on how the government treats their families.

This stirring memoir includes stories about Sarah’s life as the child of undocumented Mexican immigrants; how she grew from a painfully shy seven-year-old to a confident leader at nine; and her creative/imaginative experiences at Still Waters in a Storm with her beloved teacher.

Comparable to I Am Malala, Dear America, and The Freedom Writers Diary.

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