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Look Up with Me

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Title: Look Up with Me

Contributor(s): Jennifer Berne, Lorraine Nam (Illustrated by), Neil deGrasse Tyson (Introduction by)

Ages 4-8


Binding: Hardcover

Author Jennifer Berne and cut-paper illustrator Lorraine Nam tell the true, inspiring tale of how Neil DeGrasse Tyson turned his passion for the stars into a life of educating others as a world-famous astrophysicist. With an introduction from Dr. Tyson himself, this is the perfect gift for young astronomers and fans of all ages.

Neil deGrasse Tyson was born curious. And the secrets of a billion galaxies lay there—waiting for him to explore their cosmic mysteries. He just had to look up. Up beyond the city lights, up at the shining stars, up through the Milk Way, and past the veil of the night sky.

Follow young Neil’s journey as he discovers the wonders of space, the thrill of science, and the joy in sharing the beauty of our amazing universe. From On a Beam of Light author Jennifer Berne and debut illustrator Lorraine Nam comes the inspiring tale of Neil’s life and how he became a world-famous astrophysicist. Look up with him, and begin your own journey into the cosmos.


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