Make a Yellow Dot the Sun

Make a Yellow Dot the Sun

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Title: Make a Yellow Dot the Sun*

Contributors: Sterling Childrens

Format: Trade Paperback

Age Range: Ages 5 to 12, Grades K to 6

t’s not just coloring within the lines! Make a Yellow Dot the Sun encourages kids to think creatively, draw freely, and create their own brand of imaginative art.
“Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot; others transform a yellow spot into the sun.” –Pablo Picasso

Based on a quote from Pablo Picasso, this follow-up to A Line Is a Dot that Went for a Walk continues to engage young artists’ imaginations. Taking an unconventional approach, it contains quirky prompts that inspire children to express themselves with originality and artfulness. Loosely drawn illustrations and partially done doodles start kids off on a creative journey—and provide hours of fun.

*This is a bargain book, for more info please visit our "Why Buy from Us?" page.