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Soldier Boy

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Title: Soldier Boy*

Contributors: Keely Hutton

Format: Hardcover

Age Range: Ages 13 to 18

A searing, shocking book—part non-fiction, part novel—based on the true story of a child soldier in Uganda who survived to help others.
Here is the true story of Ricky Richard Anywar, abducted at age fourteen in 1989 to fight with Joseph Kony's rebel army in Uganda’s decades-long civil war. Ricky is trained, armed, and sent to battle government forces alongside his brutal kidnappers. After witnessing unimaginable horror, he manages to escape.

Here also is the story, set twenty years later, of a fictionalized character named Samuel, representative of the thousands of child soldiers Ricky eventually helped rehabilitate as founder of the internationally acclaimed charity Friends of Orphans.

Working closely with Ricky himself, Keely Hutton has written an eye-opening book about how one boy’s unbreakable spirit and indomitable courage led him to survive war and enslavement and go on to create a haven for others who suffered a similar fate.

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