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Baby Oceanographer

Baby Oceanographer

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Title: Baby Oceanographer*

Contributors: Dr. Laura Gehl & Daniel Wiseman

Format: Board Book

Ages: 0 to 4, Grades Grade P

Introducing Baby Scientist, an original board book series that puts toddlers in the shoes of scientists. Next up is Baby Oceanographer, a clever, young introduction to the study of ocean life.

In an adorable new board book series, you will meet Baby Oceanographer. He studies the ocean and what’s in it. He’s driving around in a submersible, wearing a snorkel and scuba diving suit—seeing life under the sea. There are fish and plants and volcanoes under the water—plenty to see and study. Babies and toddlers will discover everything from the difference between salt and fresh water to what causes ocean waves in this simple introduction to scientific concepts.

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