Dave the Unicorn: Team Spirit

Dave the Unicorn: Team Spirit

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Title: Dave the Unicorn: Team Spirit*
(Book 2)

Contributors: Pip Bird & David O'Connell

Format: Trade Paperback

Age Range: Ages 7 to 10

In the second entry in this laugh-out-loud chapter book series, Mira and her unicorn, Dave, tackle their greatest challenge yet: sports.
Mira is excited for Unicorn School Field Day, even though her unicorn, Dave, loves donuts more than prancing. Mira’s teammates are counting on them—especially when the prize for winning Field Day is revealed to be the chance to go on a Magical Rainbow Quest.

As Mira struggles to get her UBFF (Unicorn Best Friend Forever) to hurry to the finish line, a series of mysterious mishaps make Mira wonder if everyone is playing fair. Can she and Dave track down who’s sabotaging them before they come in last place?

This second book in the hilarious new chapter book series continues the story of Mira at Unicorn School, and her unicorn Dave, who’s not the statuesque stallion we’re trained to expect. But Dave also has a few tricks up his sleeve that remind Mira—and all of us—that friendship is more important than winning.

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