Fresh Princess: Style Rules!

Fresh Princess: Style Rules!

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Title: Fresh Princess: Style Rules!*

Contributors: Denene Millner & Gladys Jose

Format: Hardcover

Age Range: Ages 4 to 8, Grades P to 3

Based on Will Smith’s The Fresh Prince: Fresh Princess is a children’s book girl character who approaches every day with her own fresh style! In her second adventure, Destiny finds a way to stand out at her new school.

In her first adventure, Fresh Princess moved to a new neighborhood and conquered her fears of not fitting in. Now, she’s on her way to a brand-new school where everything is big, and everyone has their “thing.”

Destiny isn’t quite sure what her thing is, but it’s definitely not blending into the crowd while wearing her uniform. To make her uniform into something a Fresh Princess would wear, she turns her jacket inside out revealing a swirly design. But when the other kids catch wind of it, will Destiny’s “thing” be getting in trouble?

In the spirit of the Fresh Prince himself, Fresh Princess is a girl who faces every day with courage, spunk, creativity, and, of course, style.

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