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Title: Honeysmoke

Contributors: Monique Fields & Yesenia Moises

Format: Hardcover Picture Book

Age Range: Ages 3 to 6

A young biracial girl searches for the perfect color word to describe herself in this picture book with a universal theme of self-identity.
Simone wants a color, one that will show who she is inside and out.

This engaging and beautiful picture book follows a young biracial girl named Simone as she searches for her own place in the world. She wants to find the perfect color to understand her heritage, a color that isn’t brown or pink or black or white.

Eventually, Simone creates a special word to describe the combination of her mom's dark and her dad's light skin colors: honeysmoke.

Through simple text, this heartfelt and inspirational story empowers all children to forge their own unique identity.

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