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Jamaica's Find

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Title: Jamaica's Find*

Contributors: Juanita Havill & Anne Sibley O'Brien

Format: Paperback

Age Range: Ages 4 to 7, Grades P to 3

Jamaica finds a stuffed dog at the playground and after taking him home without trying to find the owner discovers her conscience as well. Jamaica's honest and appealing character inspired five more books, each about a childhood ethical dilemma.

Jamaica's Find celebrates its twentieth anniversary with this new edition featuring an author's note in the paperback edition.

In this richly illustrated picture book, when first grader Jamaica finds a stuffed animal in the park, she comes up against a moral dilemma and the concepts of right and wrong.

Jamaica really likes the toy dog and wants to keep it! But with the help of her family, Jamaica decides that it could belong to a kid, just like her. What will Jamaica decide to do? With simple yet vivid text and gentle illustrations, this hopeful and relatable story of lost-and-found will add to every child's toolbox of understanding how to be an empathetic person in our big and beautiful diverse world.

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