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Penny and Penelope

Penny and Penelope

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Title: Penny and Penelope*

Contributor(s): Dan Richards and Claire Almon (Illustrated By)

Ages: 3-6

Binding: Hardcover


Two dolls (and their girls) learn the value of teamwork despite their differences.

With wacky, meta-humor and sly girl-empowerment subtext, Penny and Penelope explores themes of teamwork, friendship, and acceptance.

Two girls have a play date and introduce each other to their two dolls: Penny and Penelope. They each have a different take on this Barbie-like toy—Penelope is a prim princess and Penny is a fierce secret agent. When the girls send their dolls on an adventure in an imaginary kingdom, Penny and Penelope must depend on each other’s strengths and put aside their differences. As they learn, you can’t judge a doll by its outfit.


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