The Fairies of Honeysuckle Hollow

The Fairies of Honeysuckle Hollow

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Title: The Fairies of Honeysuckle Hollow *

Contributor(s): Robyn Frampton, Laura K. Horton

Ages: 3-6

Binding: Hardcover

This enchanting picture book encourages readers to discover the magic around them!

May you learn to see the world as all fairies do.
The Fairy Code of Kindness lives within you.
Your light shines through to all, it’s yours and unique
Change the world with each word that you speak.

When a young girl journeys into the woods, she stumbles upon a fairy who has lost her key to fairyland. Together, they search for the key while spreading flowers and joy in their path. Because of her kindness to someone in need, the girl earns her own wings from the fairy queen.

The Fairies of Honeysuckle Hollow is about the wonder of compassion and the possibilities of believing in magic!

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