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The Home Builders

The Home Builders

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Title: The Home Builders*

Contributors: Varsha Bajaj & Simona Mulazzani

Format: Hardcover

Age Range: Ages 3 to 5, Grades K And Under

This vibrantly illustrated picture book celebrates a variety of woodland creatures as they make their homes and prepare for their young.

Welcome to a serene woodland where lots of expectant animal parents are in their "nesting" phase--that is, busy preparing safe, cozy homes for their growing families. As they dig, tunnel, gnaw, and gather, they create dens, burrows, lodges, and, of course, nests. Soon the woods are full of new little ones peeping, crawling, romping, and snuggling--and with artwork so gorgeous that it feels like an invitation into the scenery it's depicting, readers will be eager to join them in their beautiful home.

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