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The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects

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Title: The Usual Suspects

Contributors: Maurice Broaddus

Format: Hardcover

Ages: 8 to 12, Grades 3 to 7

Fans of Jason Reynolds and Walter Dean Myers will love this smart, funny, and honest contemporary middle grade novel about a kid who tries to set the record straight when he and his friends are suspected of a crime they didn’t commit.

Thelonius Mitchell is tired of being labeled. He’s in Special Ed, separated from the “normal” kids at school who don’t have any “issues.” That’s enough to make all the teachers and students look at him and his friends with a constant side-eye. (Although his disruptive antics and pranks have given him a rep too.)

When a gun is found at a neighborhood hangout, Thelonius and his pals become instant suspects. Thelonius may be guilty of pulling crazy stunts at school, but a criminal? T isn’t about to let that label stick.

With his computer geek best bud, Nehemiah, at his side, Thelonius searches for information that might lead to the real culprit. But sniffing around for the truth is anything but easy when Thelonius’s loyalty is called into question.

An unforgettable cast of characters and a witty, fresh voice drive this unflinchingly honest story by Maurice Broaddus.

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