Time to Roar

Time to Roar

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Title: Time to Roar*

Contributors: Olivia A. Cole & Jessica Gibson

Format: Hardcover Picture Book

Age Range: Ages 3 to 6

Sometimes you must ROAR. This powerful picture book shows the importance of raising your own strong voice to defend what you love.
Sasha the bear loves the meadow in her forest more than anything. But when great, yellow machines threaten to cut and burn the forest, Sasha and the other animals must determine the best way to stop them.
“Don’t go roaring,” Squirrel tells Sasha. Bird tries singing to the machines sweetly. Rabbit thumps her foot at them. Deer tries running and leading them away. None of these methods work—must they flee? The animals need something louder, something bigger, something more powerful. Sasha knows her voice—her roar—is the most powerful tool she has. Because sometimes you must roar.
This picture book is the perfect introduction to showing young readers the power of their own voices—to stand up for what they believe in, to protect what they love, and to make a change in the world.

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