Voices of Justice

Voices of Justice

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Title: Voices of Justice*

Contributors: George Ella Lyon & Jennifer M. Potter

Format: Hardcover Picture Book

Age Range: Ages 8 to 12

A bold, lyrical collection of poems that highlight some of the most celebrated activists from around the world, perfect for fans of Shaking Things Up and She Persisted.
Voices of Justice introduces young readers to the groundbreaking work of activists who fought to change the world. Be it environmental, indigenous, civil, women's, or LGTBQIA+ rights, the heroes featured in this collection—like Jane Addams, Greta Thunberg, the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Nelson Mandela, and more—strove to create a brighter, better planet for humanity.

George Ella Lyon's informative poem profiles, which use acrostic, concrete, and other forms of poetry, are paired with Jennifer M. Potter's gorgeous, innovative portraits. This picture book is a must-have for educators and families eager to teach children the importance of fighting for what's right.

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